Beginning March 9th

The Great Pleasure Challenge

Prepare yourself for 3 weeks that will change your life.

“We have been raised to fear the yes within ourselves, our deepest cravings.” - Audre Lorde.

Welcome to The Great Pleasure Challenge: A Radical Departure

In a world that often demands endless productivity without regard for personal well-being, The Great Pleasure Challenge emerges as a beacon of resistance and renewal. Over the next three weeks, this challenge is not merely an invitation—it's a bold declaration of autonomy over your own life force, a step towards dismantling the unacknowledged obligations and exploitative systems that deplete us.

Confronting the Mechanism of Unchecked "Yes"

This journey is about pausing that automatic "yes"—the conditioned response that bypasses our true capacities and desires. It's about recognizing that our limits aren't failures of mindset but are often the results of being worn down by life's relentless demands. The Great Pleasure Challenge serves as a sanctuary to honor your capacities and boundaries, acknowledging that limitations are not a personal shortcoming but a reality of existing in a world that too often takes without replenishing.

Rewriting Exploitative Narratives

For too long, the narrative of infinite capacity has dominated, suggesting that limitations are merely obstacles to overcome, not signals from our bodies and minds that we are reaching a point of depletion. This challenge stands in firm opposition to such narratives. It's a rejection of mindset dogma, a call to arms against the rhetoric of needing to be all things to all people, a refusal to fall into the trap of equating personal value with how much you can be used up unchecked. It's an acknowledgment of the mental health toll, the weight of oppressive power structures, and the impact of neurodivergence. And it's fun, playful and deeply creative.

The Radical, Generative Nature of The Challenge

The Great Pleasure Challenge is more than a personal journey; it's a template for a society that values respect, consent, and genuine fulfillment over exploitation and extraction. By participating, you're not only navigating your life with renewed insight and care but also contributing to a broader cultural shift towards honoring individual and collective well-being.

What People Are Saying

”It’s like I have a new operating system”

“Tuning into my pleasure signal has simplified everything and I never second guess myself anymore”

“It’s amazing how much this practice helps me slow down, and it’s effortless. I used to think meditation was the only thing that would get me here.”

“It’s blowing my mind”

”What I love about the Challenge is it helps me be in the present and notice what I want and what’s important to me and move towards it. I love that it doesn’t just stop at noticing, it helps me to act and do differently. I'm shifting things I didn't know I ever would.”

”Asking if something is in my pleasure and then following the answer feels like I’m choosing to live life dynamically - like I’m actually alive and in charge. I am coming to trust myself completely.”

"The Pleasure Challenge is actually life changing."

How to Play

Tier 1 - $45

This level is ideal for curious newbies, seasoned practitioners, and the budget-conscious where you're given the freedom and space to test things out without interference.

What You Get:

  • Complete Challenge Format and Instructions
  • Both Community Threads: "Celebrations" & "Flounce Couch" (for dramatic and intentional complaining which is helpful for releasing stuck emotions and energy)

NOTE: Newbies to the Challenge are invited to the Intro Workshop on March 9th, otherwise only available to Tier 2. If this is your first time taking the Challenge this is highly encouraged for the support and framework it offers.

Tier 2 - $240

This level includes everything from Tier 1 with much more access and support. Ideal for newbies who would like a lot of extra support as they test out new behaviors and face new challenges to the way they live their life. It's also perfect for seasoned Challengers, committed to their Pleasure Practice who want to continue to go deeper. Ask questions and receive responses tailored to your specific skill level. Connect more deeply with the Pleasure Queen/Trail Guide Amelia Lord and fellow participants - to the degree that feels good.

What You Get:

  • Complete Challenge Format and Instructions
  • Both Community Threads: "Celebrations" & "Flounce Couch"
  • Exclusive Q&A group for personalized attention and support, thorough and ready responses from Amelia
  • Welcome and Intro Live Call/Workshop (replay available for all Live Calls and Workshops)
  • Mid-Challenge Live Weekend Intensive
  • Integration and Closing Call
  • Surprise live Q&A and hot seat coaching
  • Tier 2 also includes access to "Foundations of Pleasure" Workshop March 24th


Pleasure is a Tool for Resilience and Resistance

The Great Pleasure Challenge invites you to step into a life where you're more fully supported and engaged, where your resources are plentiful and your actions are deeply aligned with your true values. It's about embracing pleasure not just as an individual pursuit but as a powerful means to build resilience against life's adversities and resist societal expectations. By prioritizing what genuinely fulfills you, you're championing your autonomy, ensuring that every choice reflects your desires and integrity. This challenge is your gateway to transforming how you live, making every decision an act of self-care and a declaration of your freedom to define your own path.

The Great Pleasure Challenge is an act of defiance, power, and a path to healing. It's about shedding the layers of obligation that society has draped over us and finding a way of living that is not only sustainable but filled with a deep sense of alignment with our true selves.

Join us on this radical journey. Together, we can redefine what it means to live fully, respectfully, and consensually, both as individuals and as a collective.